6 11 2015


“Netanyahu’s policies have been 100% consistent with Israel’s goal of taking all the land without the people. To complete the Zionist project of creating an exclusively Jewish safe haven for all Jews in the land of Palestine, Jews will need to be an absolute majority in Israel-Palestine. A few Palestinians can probably be allowed to remain but with all the spirit of resistance knocked out of them, so they are no longer a ‘problem’ for Israel. Israel has good role models of ’successful’ settler-colonial projects in the US and Australia, countries that are also staunch and fanatic supporters of Israel. Netanyahu can see that it worked there. They got away with it, so why not in Israel?”

Yes indeed Bibi may be kind of Zionist crazy, but there’s a real purpose and consistency to his “craziness”.   On Monday Bibi will be meeting with Obama at the White House demanding even more billions in the latest most deadly arms.  He will also be hosted at top think-tanks in Washington associated with everyone from the far-right Neocons to the so-called liberal Democrats (from AEI to Brookings).  The Israelis think they are actually on a roll, that they have out-manueverd and outlasted Obama, and they are preparing for a major regional war at which time they will take even more steps to vanquish the Palestinians.   The full article from which the above quote is taken is on top at MiddleEast.Org.