France, Syria, ISIS, and History

16 11 2015

It’s a war that really started a hundred years with the secret French/British Sykes-Picot agreement to divide and colonize the Middle East after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire.  Then  at Versaille Castle in 1919 — the same locale in fact where President Mitterand address a joint session of Parliament declaring “War” a few days ago — the so-called Paris Peace Conference actually became “The Peace to End all Peace”  (Read historian David Fromkin’s spellbinding book).  Then the French invaded Syria in 1920 to overthrow the new Arab government seeking self-determination in a single Arab State.   And a few years later more French troops brutally put down the Great Syrian Revolt against their rule joined in by all factions — Sunnis, Shia, Alawite, Druze and Christian.  Much more of course…but skip ahead to recent years and some 2 to 4 million Muslims have been killed by the US and Western partners, many more millions injured and lives destroyed, many more millions of destitute refugees.