WAR Political Manipulation of “Terrorism”

22 11 2015


Just a month before Paris on 10 October terrorists struck in the heart of Ankara killing at least 100.   A few weeks later on the last day of October the Russian airliner was bombed killing 224.   Just a day before Paris suicide bombers killed 43 in the heart of Beirut.    But the only time the former colonial powers, France and the UK, along with the modern-day superpower, the U.S., “declared war” and made the event into a historic one, was 13 November in Paris with 129 killed.

Beyond the “terrorism” from suiciders, think of all the recent far more bloody terrorism from States — the U.S. involved in all either directly or by providing the arms and support.   Think Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Syria. Indeed, as unbelievable as it may seem, in just the past 15 years the US and allies have killed an estimated 4 million Muslims through invasions, bombings, and economic warfare causing the deaths of so many more.

As for Paris, it has been made into a kind of 9/11 II — just as was done with the original 9/11 —  to manipulate the US and EU into further Middle East warfare, partly at this time to counter growing Russian involvement in the region.