24 11 2015

Russia will and should respond. Using the Turks, the U.S. and NATO have de facto shot down a Russian fighter plane for the first time in history!   Russia will increase its military forces in Syria with the latest air defense systems and add more advanced strike aircraft and “military advisers”.   It will escalate attacks on Syrian mercenary forces armed and supported by the CIA, Saudis, Turks.  It will quite rightly tell the world even more boldly that Russia is acting legally in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government, while the American “coalition” is at war without any international legitimacy.

The Americans must have given the OK to the Turks, maybe even orchestrated the shootdown.    They have supplied Turkey the F-16s and other advanced weapons systems used.   They have also supplied the Syrian mercenary “rebels”, as well as some of the radical Islamic groups, with the advanced tank killer weapons used also to take out the Russian rescue helicopter.  Russia will respond through calculated escalation.

To sum up this year and last,  Russia was repeatedly and severely provoked by the West, the U.S. leading of course, in Ukraine and it acted boldly and decisively.   Now Russia is being provoked by the West in Syria and it will and should counter.

Very dangerous times, and the great majority of the blame has to go to the U.S., U.K., France, Israel, Saudis (and Gulf allies), and Turks.   It is these countries that have been doing the invading and killing far and wide from Libya to Iraq to Afghanistan to Palestine to Yemen and beyond.  As well the U.S. has been militarily, as well as economically, threatening and surrounding both Russia and China with growing military bases and super weapons.    Now the counter-reaction is underway and it will escalate.



24 11 2015

When NATO, using Turkey, shoots down a Russian warplane this is serious.  Obama was just in Turkey – U.S. warplanes, training, and assistance are provided to the Turks.  The Russians have got to consider this a major provocation from the Americans via Turkey and implicating NATO.   Interestingly, over the weekend on one of the most popular American TV programs, “Madame Secretary”, the President (himself former Director of the CIA) orders strikes on Russia to “teach them a lesson they will never forget”.   The program ended with a space view of Moscow,  all the lights going out quadrant by quadrant, and the Russian Ambassador in Washington summoned at the last minute to Foggy Bottom and “warned”!