Miss World Contest

26 11 2015

The contest this year is scheduled to be held in 22 days in Sanya on the southernmost resort island of Hainan.  But yesterday, Miss Canada, was not allowed to board her connecting flight from Hong Kong to Sanya and so was unable to attend the kick-off ceremony.  Anastasia Lin emigrated from China to Canada when she was 13 and has spoken out about human rights in China.

China Canada Miss World


There is now time to deal with this matter and it’s up to the Miss World Contest to do so in coordination with the Chinese government.   What a shame it would be if Ms. Lin is prevented from participating in the contest and if other contestants should then decide in solidarity they cannot participate and the organization has to suspend the contest this year.

Smart people will realize this is a situation that should be quickly corrected and the sooner the better  before things get worse.   The old saying where there is a will there is a way applies.    Here’s a simple suggestion since this is a beauty and talent and personality competition not a political or human rights event.   The Chinese can say that for purposes of the contest they welcome Ms. Lin back to the country where she was born and where her family lives.  Ms. Lin can say that for the time she is in Sanya she will not be speaking about political and human rights issues even when asked.  It’s not an ideal solution, because in fact there is no such ideal solution with both the Chinese Government and Canada’s Ms. Lin having understandable but differing convictions each from their own point-of-view.     But it’s a much better solution for all parties than Ms. Lin not participating in Sanya and maybe instead being interviewed far and wide throughout the contest specifically about the things China is understandably sensitive and concerned about.