ARAB Neocons – time to divorce them

29 11 2015

The Saudis are on a beheading rampage frightening all into submission.  At the same time the Saudis and their Gulf partners have been behind the arming and financing of what is now called the Islamic States.  The original goal was to take down the Baath Regime in Syria, then Hezbollah in Lebanon, then Tehran in coordination with Israel and the U.S.  The Americans were involved from the start, with Obama trying to mask any direct U.S.role while further unleashing the CIA to do the dirty work.

The same UAE that exorbitantly paid the university where I went to law school, NYU, to create NYU Abu Dhabi, is now buying mercenaries from Latin American countries to fight in Yemen.

There’s so much more the Arab Neocon states, led by the Saudis, are doing that’s need so much more investigation and exposure.   But enough is already known  to conclude that the time has come for the U.S. to divorce itself from these extreme right-wing, super-wealthy, neoconish, conspiratorial regimes.  That includes Qatar, a little nothing of a country (but for its immense wealth) that is spending upwards of $100 billion preparing for a World Cup (that it bribed officials to get) while refusing to seriously help the millions of Syria, Iraq, and Palestinian refugees, throughout the Middle East region.  And also little Bahrain which the U.S. along with the UK and France use as a major military base to control the region.