30 11 2015

Erdogan does seem to be loosing it.   First he ordered the shootdown under circumstances that made it easy to see it was a purposeful provocation.  Then he showed no remorse for the killing rather than capture of the parachuting pilot.   Then he claimed the Turks didn’t know it was a Russian plane or they may not have done it!  And then he said it would be an act of aggression against Turkey and NATO if anyone shot down a Turkish plane in Syrian airspace.

Beyond that Erdogan is arresting journalists, killing prominent Kurds, further polarizing his society, and reminding Turks of the tensions between the Islamic politicians and the secular Army.  Furthermore, through Erdogan’s extraordinarily risky manuevers, he now has the Russian bear breathing heavily on his economy, exposing his own government and family ties to ISIS, and focusing in on how the Turks (along with the Saudis) have propelled the Syrian war and thus caused the present oh-so-dangerous quagmire.