RUSSIA and TURKEY talk/act WAR!

2 12 2015

In an unprecedented gambit today the Russian military held a major press conference with evidence and photos proving Turkey is helping ISIS!   Not just is Turkey keeping the border open for ISIS fighters and arms, but in addition Turkey is buying ISIS oil and President Erdogan’s family and friends are intimately involved and cashing in!

Russian media immediately highlighted this press conference focusing in on Turkish President Erodgan’s promise to resign if such proof was provided.   Then Russia’s RT in English used a former top Mossad official in Israel to emphasize there was  “wreckless and irresponsible Turkish behavior” in an extensive and extended live interview.   This double-teaming, Russia and Israel, appeared to be carefully coordinated in what now seems to be a major attempt by Russia to bring down Erdogan and further reinforce the Baath Assad regime in Syria.

In what could be a casus belli act if continued, Turkey has begun what is so far a  de facto blockade of Russian naval vessels, preventing transit through the Dardanelles and the Strait of Bosporus, between the Black Sea and Mediterranean.

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