AMERICANS – “Terrorism” Fear and Obsession

3 12 2015

At least Obama is right about something.   He warned Americans that if they give in to fear than the “terrorists have won”.   Yet the reality is Americans are not only more fearful than ever they are practically psychologically obsessed with “terrorism”.   Yesterday is a great example.   All of the evening mainstream media world news nightly news programs – NBC, ABC, and CBS – dismissed everything else happening in the world and spent the entire half hour covering the shooting event yesterday in San Bernadino – 14 killed by at the time by unknown shooters.

No matter that the “future of humanity” is at stake in Paris this week.  No matter that the House of Commons had just voted yesterday to take the U.K. into the Syrian War.  No matter for that matter that every day many times more people, about 100, are killed on America’s aging and inadequate highways; or that many times that number are daily dying from opportunistic hospital infections due to the country’s inadequate health care system.

The government has stoked “terrorism” to justify and pursue its own imperialist militant world-control agenda.   The mainstream media, corporate owned and controlled, has fanned the flames of “terrorism” for its own reasons including ratings, simplistic news coverage, and big advertising intake from the military-industrial complex.

And most of all both government and mainstream media refuse to focus on who created, trained, armed, and financed so many of today “terrorist” groups in the first place — non other than the American CIA and Pentagon wanting to use these groups as mercenary forces and for quasi false-flag ops.   No better example of this than CIA operative Osama Bin Laden himself back in the 1980s when he created “the list” that became al Qaeda; and today’s Islamic State armed and trained originally to take down the Baath Assad government in Damascus.