4 12 2015

“Specialized Expeditionary Targeting Force”.  That’s the Obama Administration’s latest newest term for “boots on the ground” and “troops” which Obama repeatedly pledged he would not OK.

And they will take “unilateral operations in Syria”.   That’s the way the Obama Administration is sending uniformed American troops into Syria, in addition of course to all the mercenaries and CIA types.

After claiming to “end” the Iraq war and after repeatedly promising to bring all the troops home from Afghanistan, as Obama prepares to retire he has nearly 5000 troops in Iraq, many more in Afghanistan, and he has greatly increased CIA secret black ops, as well as aircraft and drone bombing throughout the region including in Syria and Yemen and beyond.

Furthermore, remember now there are also many terms the Americans use for non-uniformed troops.   There are “contractors”, often former troops now being hired and paid by Pentagon-connected “private” organizations.  There are of course CIA “operatives” and “assets” being trained, armed, and paid in secret under-cover.  And yes there are also some businessmen, journalists, students, interns, tourists, some working with “NGOs” which are themselves government funded one way or another with many of the individuals involved working at times, sometimes unknowingly, with both the State Department and CIA-connected handlers.

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