New Super Dangerous Illness – DONALDISM

10 12 2015

We’ve all heard of narcissism.   The most hyper and dangerous form of that mental condition can now be called by a new name – Donaldism.  The disease, obviously named for the famous person in which it was discovered it its most virulent form, can reach such a stage that it goes beyond hyper self-delusion into a new realm of potential world cataclysm.  The disease was exhibited last night on CNN with The Donald proclaiming his latest fantastic brilliance.

“I’m doing good for the Muslims.  Many Muslim friends of mine are in agreement with me. They say, ‘Donald, you brought something up to the fore that is so brilliant and so fantastic.'”

This display of Donaldism comes just weeks after its former most egregious  display when The Donald proclaimed thousands of Muslims in New Jersey were dancing and celebrating on 9/11, further setting the stage for a Christian/Judeo versus Muslim confrontation.

Why dangerous you ask?   Though this disease is not airborne it is transmittable psychologically and is capable of infecting an entire society.   An earlier form of such a major social infection happened in Germany in the 1930s via the personage of Adolph Hitler.  But at that time Germany lacked the super weapons of mass destruction and worldwide power both of which are now possessed by the Americans, who at this time in history ominously remain the world’s only mega power with hundreds of military bases worldwide.   If Donaldism were to spread further, and there are signs it has even reached some areas in Europe and the Middle East through different though lesser-known carriers, it could prove fatal to humanity itself in the nuclear/wmd/cyber age.