Obama OKs Reinvasion of Iraq!

11 12 2015


Like most things in life Version 2 often differs from the original.   In this case Obama, now having himself morphed into a kind of Neocon light, has OKed a plan co-masterminded by both the Saudis and Israelis, to put about 100,000 troops back into Iraq.

But this time most of the troops will come from the Saudis and Gulf countries, along with whatever mercenary forces they can continue to buy and about 10,000 U.S. “special forces”, “trainers”, “special combat units”, et. al., whatever terms the Americans come up with for their own domestic and legal reasons.

The major aim will be said to be fighting ISIS, but the real aim is three-fold.   First to block the Iranians from further influence not only in Iraq but also Syria and beyond.   Second to counter the Russia military build-up in Syria and prevent the whole region from being dominated by the Iranians from the East and Russians/Syrians in the West.   Third to escalate the overall plan to bring down the Baath regime in Damascus and set the stage for taking down Hezbollah next door one way or another and re-grasping control of the region and raising the stakes and costs for Russia.

The number of Arab and U.S. forces combined is now being talked about as 100,000.   The Iraq government in Baghdad is vehemently opposed but has been told they have no choice the planning is already underway.  Prime Minister Haider Abadi has attempted to say no but he has been warned that only pro forma resistance will be tolerated, anything beyond that and he and his government can expect that their days are numbered.

And there’s another dimension to this as well involving the Turks who are using the situation to put forces into Northern Iraq claiming of course they are fighting ISIS but in reality making their own further gambit to block the Kurds from uniting throughout the region and attempting their own long-sought unity and independence, whether de facto or de jure.

As with anything of this kind in the region that the Americans are doing, the hands of the Israelis, their Neocon political army in Washington, as well as the military-industrial complex, are all over this no matter how hidden from public and media attention.