Huge U.S./NATO Military Build-Up

12 12 2015

The hypocrisy of the Americans is mind-boggling.   They and allies — Israel, Saudi, Gulf, UK, France, NATO at the top of the list — are engaging in a huge military build-up while at the same time chastising, threatening, and sanctioning others who all combined aren’t doing and spending nearly as much as the Americans.

Just a quick summary:   Even more military bases are being built throughout the Middle East and Africa –astonishingly the U.S. has nearly 1000 known military facilities worldwide, dozens of them mega military bases on top of the floating ones known as air-craft carriers.  The military-industrial corporations are now working at full-speed 24/7 to fulfill all the new orders for weapons of war.   Remote Drone Killing and  CIA/NSA operations are escalating considerably.   A new invasion force for Iraq of 100,000 is in the works primarily with Arab troops armed, trained, and backed by the Americans.  New Super Mega “conventional” Bombs have been created with 10x the power of those of any other country.  And when it comes to nukes, the U.S. is spending $1 Trillion+ to build the next generation of nuclear weapons!

Add to this picture how NATO is building up forces and moving them still closer to Russia; how the U.S. has “pivoted” to Asia with growing military bases from South Korea, to Japan, the Phillippines, Vietnam, Australia, and beyond; not to mention what the Americans are doing that is propelling a new space arms race rather than international agreements to prevent this ominous turn.

Oh yes, when it comes to arms sales the U.S. is way out in front; again by some estimates more than the rest of the world combined.   The Saudis alone are buying $100 billion; plus more by UAE, Qatar, Bahrain; plus NATO and the very special sweetheart deals with Israel.