Climate Disaster Still Looming!

13 12 2015

They are wildly celebrating, calling the just completed Paris Climate Summit “a turning pint for our planet” (ABC News), “the best chance to save the one planet we’ve got” (Obama).   But the reality is quite otherwise and the real heroes are the “climate activists” and leading independent scientists like James Hansen who have been telling us dire truths rather than playing to our wishes rather than our brains.

Anyone who even read the front-page of the oh-so-establishment New York Times a few weekends ago on 29th November when the conference was starting  would have realized something is really really wrong.

“The negotiators gathering in Paris will not be discussing any plan that comes close to meeting their own stated goal of limiting the increase of global temperatures to a reasonably safe level.  In effect, the countries are vowing to make changes that collectively still fall far short of the necessary goal, much like a patient who, upon hearing from his doctor that he must lose 50 pounds to avoid life-threatening health risks, takes pride in cutting out fries but not cakes and ice cream.”

The Pope has said the human race is committing “suicide”.  The best scientists have told us catastrophe looms, even an end to civilization as we know it.   The children born today will be screaming, by the time they get to college, how could our parents have failed us so badly and let this happen even though they were warned and warned and warned about it over and over and over.   Why did they fail us in Kyoto?   Why did they fail us even more in Paris?   And now look at what their lies and deceptions have wrought?