PEACE NOW – Deception and Darkness

13 12 2015


Bottom Line:  DO NOT believe them.   DO NOT contribute to them.   DO NOT be seduced by their false hypocritical “Peace” slogans.  Let me explain!

The liberal Jewish Zionist organization known as Americans for Peace Now (APN) and it’s Israeli and Dem Party handlers are having another end-of-year fund-raising campaign nicknamed “Spreading The Light”.   As one who has known them from their beginnings long ago in the 80s I can tell you with considerable insight DO NOT believe or support APN as what they actually spread is darkness and deception repacked in bundles of hypocrisy and self-deception.

In the past two years I’ve literally spend dozens of hours in private conversations and meetings and dinners with the Chairman of APN, Jim Klutznick.   It was a special friendship that began long ago also back in the 1980s.   But this year I completely ended and severed that friendship because of all the cheesy deceptions, absurd protestations, and crafty lies, all being propagated by APN even worse than before under his leadership.

Throughout this week I’ll be revisiting the realities of APN day after day.  Get my tweets if you want to read it all — just a bit daily.

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