Gullible & Stupid Zombie Americans

14 12 2015

All the government has to do is scream “terrorism” and so many Americans, along with their mainstream media of course, go nuts.    A few people get killed by a “terrorist” and Americans, along with their mainstream media of course, become obsessed, irrational, and loose all sense of proportion.

Here are some facts!   Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School killings in Newtown, Connecticut, three years ago today, there have been 1000+ mass shootings killing more than 1300 and wounding nearly 4000.   Nearly all of these were perpetrating by “Christian” Americans and had nothing to do with Muslims or the Middle East.

A few more facts.   Nearly every day about 100 Americans are killed in traffic accidents, far more injured.   And every day far more than that number of Americans contract infectious illnesses and die in American hospitals.   If the money spent on terrorism were spent on the transportation infrastructure and health care systems in the U.S., not to mention the Trillions spent on the military-industrial complex and war, far far more American lives would be saved.

But, as I said in the admittedly provocative headline, Americans are so gullible and stupid and Zombie-like when their “terrorism” buttons are pushed by their oh-so-corrupted government and the inter-connected corporate “mainstream” media.