19 12 2015

Two mega chemical Giants are about to merge if not stopped by government   Both of these companies have been terrible polluters, caused much illness, and have greatly exploited society in so many ways.  Their merger will have negative social benefits but will greatly enhance the paychecks of the top officials in each company.   If the public interest were paramount government would step in and not only say NO but force these behemoths to pay billions in toxic cleanups and compensation!   Indeed were in not for their multi-million dollar lobbying each year both of these companies would be paying far more for what they have done.   But that same lobbying has put into government key officials who instead of blocking this merger and promoting it…and down the road they will leave government and get their payoffs!

Here’s what they are planning to do:   Dow and DuPont will merge in a $130 billion deal. To make even more money, pay even less taxes, and be immune from prosecutions for past misdeeds the new company will then split into three independent publicly traded companies in agrichemicals, materials science and speciality products.

WHERE are you OBAMA when we need you!   Your words are often so worthy.  But your actions rarely live up to them.