19 12 2015

 Stop Giving & Believing in “Peace Now”!

(originally published 3-01-2014)  “Peace Now” was begun in Israel in the 1980s by factions in the Labor Party and Israeli Army  soon after they lost power to Menachem Begin and their long-time ideological foes, the Revisionist Zionists.

It quickly came to the U.S. with the intention of co-opting American Jews, giving them an easy way out of their moral and political dilemmas vis-a-vis Israel, grabbing their money as well as energies, and most of all making sure they were under the control and domination of Zionist Israelis of one kind or another.

Over the years “Peace Now” has evolved into a grand deception and political con game having been taken over by big money “liberal” Jewish Zionists closely associated with the bought-off Democratic Party.   Now in the New Year 2014 the Americans for Peace Now (APN) Chairman writes the following blah blah trying to soak up more guilt money and energy from gullible American Jews:

“2014 starts with major promise for peace in the Middle East: An American outline of an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement…   If leaders on both sides seriously engage with Secretary Kerry’s initiative, the countdown at Times Square could be the beginning of a countdown to an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.  If Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas show leadership, this coming year could be a historic year of transition to Middle East peace.”

The reality is that APN Jewish money men/woman are actually in bed with the mainstream Zionist organizations who direct and control them.  Their handler is imbedded Zionist Professor Marc Rosenblum, the founder of APN some 30 years ago, who himself is handled by the notorious long-time operative, Malcolm Hoenlein, among others, through the umbrella organization he heads known as  The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

This same Presidents Conference organizes many carefully choreographed visits to Israel and key APN people, including Chairman Klutznick who penned the above, go on such to get willingly seduced, further infiltrated, and kept on a short leash.

Also, and in some ways even worse, APN helps fund and legitimize a small group of quisling and totally corrupted American Palestinians known as the American Task Force on Palestine.  ATFP  is  despised and shunned by self-respecting Palestinians; but thanks to APN and the State Department you’ll see them on TV and at conferences falsely yet shamelessly claiming to speak for the Palestinians.

The money for APN comes from fat-cat American Jews long-associated with the Democratic party and some “liberal” causes.  This group of American Jews, headquartered in Chicago, in fact played a major role in pushing  Barack Obama’s early political career in Illinois and then substantially financed his way to the White House.  Obama went to a private social event and fund-raiser last June at the home of the APN Chairman’s sister, one of his top backers.

But the actual control of APN is in the hands of the Democratic Party and its wing of the Israeli/Jewish Lobby now controlled by the likes of Israel-firsters Haim Saban, Martin Indyk, Jeremy Ben-Ami, and Dennis Ross.  And the people who speak for APN are primarily Israelis who keep fronting for the gross conspiracy deception known as the “Two-State Solution” as well as for Mahmoud Abbas and his totally discredited PA.  They do so even though they know  they are culpably complicit in forcing the Palestinians to give up their historic rights and live miserably imprisoned on Israeli/US-controlled Reservations/Bantustans.

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