Damn the Germans – Fueling Israel, Egypt, Saudi war machines

24 12 2015


It’s not enough that the Germans have built and largely paid for a fleet of very modern submarines for the Israelis, who promptly transformed them into nuclear missile platforms threatening to unleash a nuclear war in the region (as well as arms race).

Now the Germans are supplying the Egyptian Junta, largely paid for by the Saudis, making Germany partially responsible for helping create an Arab Muslim Sunni army/navy controlled by despotic and military regimes among the worst human rights abusers in the world!

Of course the Germans will say they are simply doing a little of what the Americans and UK and more recently the Russians are doing in the region.   And in that they are right!  But for the legacy generation of Nazi Germany to be so fueling the war machines of the worst regimes in the Middle East, including giving Israel greater nuclear weapons capabilities and legitimacy is shameful.