Hillary Protected by DOJ Firewall of DEM Women

31 01 2016

The FBI will seek criminal indictments of Hillary and top staffers who did the classified info transfers.  But in anticipation of any such problems the Justice Department has been staffed at the top levels by women loyal to the Dem Party and Hillary.   At most she will get off with misdemeanor charges which will one way or another be negotiated away to some kind of wrist slap.   The New York Post has the most insightful short article about all this and it’s at the top of WashReport today.  From it this brief quote:

“Any criminal referral to the Justice Department from the FBI “will have to go through four loyal Democrat women” — Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell, who heads the department’s criminal division; Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates; Attorney General Loretta Lynch; and top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett. Even if they accept the referral, he says, the case quickly and quietly will be plea-bargained down to misdemeanors punishable by fines in a deal similar to the one Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, secured for Gen. David Petraeus. In other words, a big slap on the wrist.”


HILLARY and Huma FBI Targets

30 01 2016


Should Clinton's aides turn over their emails to the FBI?

In the weeks ahead the FBI Director may resign and/or The Attorney General may be forced out.   Hillary’s email National Security Scandal is not going away.  The FBI wants her indicted.  Justice and the White house want her protected.  Either way it’s already clear that, knowingly or not, she and Human were handling some of the nation’s most “Top Secret” and “Compartmentalized” info on the unsecure Clinton  “home email server”.  Quite like the Russians, Chinese, Israelis, and others may have hacked in, and in fact it has to be presumed they did.

If ever a situation called for an independent Special Prosecutor this is one.   The President has clearly compromised himself more than once trying to let Hillary off the hook.   Last week he send his Press Secretary out appearing to speak for the FBI when in fact he has no license to do so and what he said was wrong and infuriated those in the FBI who know, but cannot say, that both Hillary and her top assistant Huma are in fact being investigated for their role in EMAILGATE or should we call it SECURITYGATE.

While the Kerry/Obama State Department has held back and delayed damning information about what Hillary and Huma  did, whatever their reasons and intentions, DOS was forced on Friday to at least admit it was not going to release some of the court-ordered and expected emails because they contained “Top Secret” info.

Despite the specific legal terminology, Hillary and Huma have been for some time now targets of a major 100+man FBIplus investigation that it just happens is coming to a close with a strong indictment recommendation at this critical time in the election cycle.  Expect fireworks ahead!


China Follows Russia into new Middle East

28 01 2016


Economics is intimately tied to both military and political strength.   The American and their Eruopean allies remain dominant in the Middle East today, but their fortunes may be fading as they are overextended abroad and facing revolts at home.

With the old Middle East not only unraveled but in many critical locations in flames, there is a new Middle East which will eventually emerge from the chaos and destruction.  The Russians are bidding for power and influence using Syria as their point of entry.   Now the Chinese are expanding their earlier ventures into Africa into the Middle East region.

Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has in fact embarked on a tour of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Islamic Republic of Iran.  As the very insightful article featured at MiddleEast.org today notes, President Xi is officially pursuing economic deals.   But in actuality China is proposing to the states of the Middle East construction of a new “Silk Road” designed to enhance their seriously-retarded development and liberate themselves from Western colonialism is this the one hundreth year after Sykes-Picot.

“Liberal” NEOCON OBAMA Has Failed Us!

27 01 2016


He promised no “endless wars”, to  bring the troops home, to be a really different President.  Right off the bat he was saying many of the right things, got a Nobel Peace Prize (oh my how undeserved, can they take it back?), and made such a visionary speech in Mubarak’s Cairo that helped launch the Arab Spring (which instead turned into Arab Winter).

As he gets ready to depart the world scene there are endless wars not only in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine, but also in Syria and Yemen and Libya along with even more gross human rights abuse in top allies Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and Egypt.  And then there is Israel, worse apartheid than ever, Obama’s words turned upside down as he has armed and financed “The Jewish State” more than any President before him (despite his rhetorical flourishes about this and that).

Yes Obama will argue that he prevented war with Iran!  He might be right about that one, and it’s a big one!   But it may well also be a temporary one.   The Neocons and Israelis and Saudis, the whole military-industrial complex now super flush with weapons orders, have all out-waited him.   They have in fact turned Obama into something of a neocon-facilitator primarily using him to super-arm the region and legitimize the gross overuse of CIA, drone-killing machines, contractors, ngos, and “special forces”.   The next President will find the region quite ripe for major regional war to take down all those who oppose the Neocon/Israeli/Saudi vision, he will just have to give the green light for the greater fighting to begin.   Indeed that’s why to counter Obama the Russians are now in the Middle East…making the coming even greater regional war far more dangerous than it would have been just a year or two ago.

Obama’s neocon-facilitator status as he gets ready to leave his role as lead actor on the Washington stage should be a major warning about Hillary.  She was after all at his side most of the time…actually she is even more  of a neocon-facilitator than he and one far more glued to the Israelis through her benefactor Haim Saban and his Rasputin in DC Martin Indyk.


25 01 2016

Doomsday Clock

At the dawn of the nuclear age and the cold war, leading scientists who had created the new super weapons of mass destruction were already feeling remorse and guilt.  In 1947 they began putting the DOOMSDAY CLOCK on the cover of THE BULLETIN OF ATOMIC SCIENTISTS.   Last year as they moved the hands on the Doomsday clock from 5 to 3 minutes to midnight they wrote in an open letter to world leaders:

“In 2015, unchecked climate change, global nuclear weapons modernisations, and outsized nuclear weapons arsenals pose extraordinary and undeniable threats to the continued existence of humanity, and world leaders have failed to act with the speed or on the scale required to protect citizens from potential catastrophe.”

Today the scientists are meeting here in Washington DC.  My guess is they will keep the hands at 3 minutes to midnight though some will argue, understandably, that it’s time to go to 2.   It’s only been there once before, back in 1954.   Had they had time they might have moved it to 1 during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.   Whatever they decide….we should all realize we are close to doomsday and the world situation today is so chaotic and confused that things could easily and quickly spiral out of control with little more advance warning.

“Little Jew Boy”

22 01 2016

That’s what Israelis close to PM Bibi are saying, in public mind you, about the U.S. Ambassador after he mildly said in public what is widely said by others including the American President.  But the Israelis love to intimidate, chastise, and threaten any and everyone, most especially if they are Jews and if their words might unleash others to dare to follow.  Ambassador Shapiro, himself a long-time Jewish Zionist involved with Jewish and Israeli organizations in both the U.S. and “the Jewish State” made comments that did little more than oppose more settlements and promote the “two-state solution”.    But shutting everyone up and threatening them both in public and private is the Israeli way; and now the bitterness is becoming even more visible and often.  Much worse slanders and rumors have been said about me over the years…but that’s another story as well as a badge of honor.    As always more at MiddleEast.Org and WashReport.com

Oh yah, almost forgot to mention. Shortly after the Ambassador spoke Americans for Peace Now, now itself little more than a lap dog (yup I use such terms when warranted) for Obama and the Dem Party, went into action trying to raise more money and telling everyone to applaud.  Of course give APN and J Street nothing other than your skepticism and disdain.


Bush & Sharon – Guilty of Murdering Arafat

21 01 2016

Image result for arafat killing caricatures    

The BBC today features as its lead story how a special multi-year Commission has determined that Vladimir Putin is probably guilty of ordering the murder Alexander Litvinenko in 2006.    Most people in the world won’t even know who he was.

But how come the BBC and others haven’t conducted a similar inquiry into the murder in 2004 of one of the most known men in the world  – Yasser Arafat, founder and chairman of the PLO and most frequent foreign guest in the White House throughout the 90s.   Arafat was in fact assassinated on the orders of Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, and oked by his close friend U.S. President George Bush.

Both murders were in fact probably done using a very high-tech stealth poison known as polonium.   But while the Brit and American knives are constantly out for Putin; why is there no special Commission reaching conclusions about the Israeli and American killing of Arafat which was more more consequential and historically important.