2 01 2016

Not likely there is going to be very much to be optimistic about this new year 2016.    With that in mind, here’s something just coming into view that just might make it possible for humans to use technology and artificial intelligence to save them!   The full article from which the quote below is taken is at the top of today.

New technologies use crowd-sourced input and interactive tools to produce collaborative results that go beyond traditional problem-solving. By joining with computer intelligence, humans could expand upon their own abilities to create ‘multidimensional collaborative networks,’ the researchers say, which would more effectively produce solutions.  In human computation systems, data are processed by a computer and also analysed by humans. Current systems of this type rely on individually completed ‘micro-tasks,’ which are later stitched together for a final result.While humans outperform machines in certain tasks, like pattern recognition and creative abstraction, combining the two intelligences could make for unprecedented approach to global problems.