3 01 2016

Gaza  has been besieged, bombed, attacked, imprisoned for some 10 years now.   Even before the 1.5million + Gazans lived in the largest open-air prison in the world.  Then, after Hamas won the 2006 Palestinians elections, the Israelis (and the quisling traitorous Abbas “Palestinian Authority”) struck back killing and arresting Hamas officials and attempting a coup in Gaza supported by the Americans.    Hamas prevailed, as the Israelis probably knew they would and under-the-table wanted.

Now, a bloody awful decade later Gaza is more traumatized and blockaded than ever.   It could not have been done but for the support of the U.S., Egypt, Saudi Arabia..the Arab countries all firmly allied with Israel, each of their regimes growing more despicable by the day.  Jordan too…but with a smarter Georgetown educated regime there it’s a more complex story, but the Hashemite regime too is in bed with the Israelis as well as the Americans.

Obama and his J Street/Americans for Peace Now crowd have become the facilitators , though not the instigators, of what has happened.   They cannot whitewash themselves of co-responsibility as much as they constantly try.   But that too is a much more complex story for another day.