OMG! Trump right again!

5 01 2016

This guy Trump is even more dangerous than we thought!.  When he began his “Presidential campaign” it was probably even for him more a kind of p.r.”reality show” than real politics.   Now that he, and the rest of us, realize the implausible and unthinkable has become possible — that Donald J. Trump could actually pull it off and become POTUS — Trump is adjusting his demeanor as well as his comments seeking to appeal to those who never thought they would ever even consider him.

Thus on Sunday, in a major TV interview, Trump proclaimed:  “If we would have never done anything in the Middle East we would have a much safer world than we have now!”  OMG!  The Donald is not only speaking truthfully but taking on the big elephants and seeking the image of blunt truth-teller when it comes to foreign policy!

Next Trump may even further take on the Saudis and call for ending the U.S. protectorate that keeps the increasingly despicable al-Saud family in power.    OMG might he even call into question the U.S.-Israel alliance and expand his truth-telling to proclaim that it the extreme U.S. connection to Israel that is one of the main reasons the U.S. is so hated so despised and facing “radical Islamic terrorists” who so altered the American way of life?

Yes with the first…about the Saudis.

No when it comes to Israel.  Trump is much too invested with the powerful Jews in the U.S., in addition to his converted Jewish daughter, and thus he will neither want to nor dare go down that path.  Unless, that is, the Israeli as well as Saudi involvement in 9/11 should become much more known…and that’s certainly not likely either.