3/4 of American Jews marry non-Jews

6 01 2016


If the religious Jews, themselves a distinct minority, are omitted, nearly three-fourths of American Jews these days are marrying non-Jews.   I’m not sure what percentage of the partners convert to Judaism, but even for those who do most are not Jews according to the religious authorities who rule Israel on such matters.    For those who believe in Jewish tribalism and mainstream Zionism this trend in the U.S. (up from just 20% in the 1970s) is quite alarming.  So much so that they have set up a new organization to encourage and pay for married couples who have one Jewish unconverted partner to go to Israel and “connect”.   Call it a kind of “Birthright Maybe” addition to the infamous “Birthright” program that provides all expenses paid trips to Israel for American Jewish college kids hoping to prevent them from defecting.    Whatever, the defection rate from Jewish involvement as well as marriage has soared in recent years.  What this says about the negative influence of the “Jewish State” and how it impacts people’s desire for “Jewish” identity, or lack of, remains unstudied….or at least unacknowledged.