Hillary’s legal fate

7 01 2016

“I believe that the evidence that the FBI is compiling will be so compelling that, unless [Attorney General Lynch] agrees to the charges, there will be a massive revolt inside the FBI, which she will not be able to survive as an attorney general. It will be like Watergate. It will be unbelievable.  The evidence against the Clinton staff and the secretary is so overwhelming at this point that if, in fact, she chooses not to charge Hillary, they will never be able to charge another federal employee with the negligent handling of classified information.  The intelligence community will not stand for that. They will fight for indictment and they are already in the process of gearing themselves to basically revolt if she refuses to bring charges.”

The right-wing is going after Hillary with it’s big guns now…but not yet its biggest.  And indeed she does have major vulnerabilities.   Fatal?   At this point, as they say, the jury is still out and the answer has to be “maybe”.   This summing up comes from Joe DiGenova, a Republican U.S. attorney appointed by President Reagan.   See top of Washreport.com today for more.