US and NATO making de facto treaty alliance with Qatar, GCC, Saudis

10 01 2016

ANKARA [MENL – 10 Jan 2009] — Turkey plans to deploy thousands of troops in Qatar.   Officials said Qatar has agreed to a substantial Turkish military presence in the Gulf Cooperation Council emirate. They said Ankara would send at least 3,000 troops to Doha by 2017 as part of expanded military cooperation. “This is the first step of a very serious alliance,” an official said.  In 2014, Ankara and Doha signed an agreement to establish Turkey’s first military base abroad. Officials said Turkish troops in Qatar would focus on
advanced training, but could also be called upon to bolster security in an emergency.

With Turkey being linked to NATO, what this means is that the US, which commands NATO,  is essentially extending a de facto alliance and regime guarantee to Qatar which also means by extension to the Gulf GCC States and Saudi Arabia.

This is a major geopolitical development clearly meant as a reaction to growing Russian military involvement in the region and continuing war preparations — lead by the Israelis and Saudis — with Iran, Syria, Lebanon and beyond.