OBAMA – the Neocon Facilitator

17 01 2016

“Rooted Out, Hunted Down, and Destroyed!”

So Obama told his country and the world in his final State of the Union speaking about the “radical Muslim” forces now battling the U.S. and the West in many Middle Eastern countries.  He neglected of course to mention how his country as well as and allies,  the Saudis and Israelis topping that list, gave birth to these radicals through their past  policies, their arms, and their imperial machinations.  Same pattern happened a few years ago actually when it was Bin Laden and al-Qaeda the Americans mid-wifed.

True, Obama has held back war with Iran and made a big deal with Tehran that may or may not outlast him.  But at the same time he has super-armed Israel, the Saudis, and the GCC countries, setting the stage for a major regional war to come when he is gone   Moreover Obama made no mention that he recently signed off  on oking Turkish troops to Qatar, which means NATO troops permanently being station in the GCC to de facto guarantee those despicable regimes along with the Saudis.  This on top of course of the major US air and naval bases, plus covert CIA station, already headquartered in the Gulf countries, especially Bahrain and UAE and Kuwait, plus great expansion of killer drones throughout the MiddleEast and beyond.

Super armed as they now are the Israelis, Saudis, and Neocons will now await Obama’s retirement and prepare for the explosions to come.