62 = 3.5 billion! ! !

19 01 2016

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Income and wealth distribution in the USA has gotten worse and worse by the year.   Bankers, Hedge Fund tycoons, and CEOs get paid thousands of times what their employees get paid in an escalating orgy of greed.  And much the same thing is happening internationally in this age of capitalist craziness.

Something at the very heart of the international order system is basically  evil  when 62 persons have wealth equal to that of 3.5 billion, nearly half of humanity!

In fact, between 2010 and 2015, the combined wealth of these 62 billionaires shot up by 44 per cent – to an astonishing US$1.76 trillion. By contrast, the poorest half of the global population of 3.6 billion saw their wealth plummet by 41 per cent during the same period.