Bush & Sharon – Guilty of Murdering Arafat

21 01 2016

Image result for arafat killing caricatures    

The BBC today features as its lead story how a special multi-year Commission has determined that Vladimir Putin is probably guilty of ordering the murder Alexander Litvinenko in 2006.    Most people in the world won’t even know who he was.

But how come the BBC and others haven’t conducted a similar inquiry into the murder in 2004 of one of the most known men in the world  – Yasser Arafat, founder and chairman of the PLO and most frequent foreign guest in the White House throughout the 90s.   Arafat was in fact assassinated on the orders of Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, and oked by his close friend U.S. President George Bush.

Both murders were in fact probably done using a very high-tech stealth poison known as polonium.   But while the Brit and American knives are constantly out for Putin; why is there no special Commission reaching conclusions about the Israeli and American killing of Arafat which was more more consequential and historically important.