“Little Jew Boy”

22 01 2016

That’s what Israelis close to PM Bibi are saying, in public mind you, about the U.S. Ambassador after he mildly said in public what is widely said by others including the American President.  But the Israelis love to intimidate, chastise, and threaten any and everyone, most especially if they are Jews and if their words might unleash others to dare to follow.  Ambassador Shapiro, himself a long-time Jewish Zionist involved with Jewish and Israeli organizations in both the U.S. and “the Jewish State” made comments that did little more than oppose more settlements and promote the “two-state solution”.    But shutting everyone up and threatening them both in public and private is the Israeli way; and now the bitterness is becoming even more visible and often.  Much worse slanders and rumors have been said about me over the years…but that’s another story as well as a badge of honor.    As always more at MiddleEast.Org and WashReport.com

Oh yah, almost forgot to mention. Shortly after the Ambassador spoke Americans for Peace Now, now itself little more than a lap dog (yup I use such terms when warranted) for Obama and the Dem Party, went into action trying to raise more money and telling everyone to applaud.  Of course give APN and J Street nothing other than your skepticism and disdain.