“Liberal” NEOCON OBAMA Has Failed Us!

27 01 2016


He promised no “endless wars”, to  bring the troops home, to be a really different President.  Right off the bat he was saying many of the right things, got a Nobel Peace Prize (oh my how undeserved, can they take it back?), and made such a visionary speech in Mubarak’s Cairo that helped launch the Arab Spring (which instead turned into Arab Winter).

As he gets ready to depart the world scene there are endless wars not only in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine, but also in Syria and Yemen and Libya along with even more gross human rights abuse in top allies Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and Egypt.  And then there is Israel, worse apartheid than ever, Obama’s words turned upside down as he has armed and financed “The Jewish State” more than any President before him (despite his rhetorical flourishes about this and that).

Yes Obama will argue that he prevented war with Iran!  He might be right about that one, and it’s a big one!   But it may well also be a temporary one.   The Neocons and Israelis and Saudis, the whole military-industrial complex now super flush with weapons orders, have all out-waited him.   They have in fact turned Obama into something of a neocon-facilitator primarily using him to super-arm the region and legitimize the gross overuse of CIA, drone-killing machines, contractors, ngos, and “special forces”.   The next President will find the region quite ripe for major regional war to take down all those who oppose the Neocon/Israeli/Saudi vision, he will just have to give the green light for the greater fighting to begin.   Indeed that’s why to counter Obama the Russians are now in the Middle East…making the coming even greater regional war far more dangerous than it would have been just a year or two ago.

Obama’s neocon-facilitator status as he gets ready to leave his role as lead actor on the Washington stage should be a major warning about Hillary.  She was after all at his side most of the time…actually she is even more  of a neocon-facilitator than he and one far more glued to the Israelis through her benefactor Haim Saban and his Rasputin in DC Martin Indyk.