China Follows Russia into new Middle East

28 01 2016


Economics is intimately tied to both military and political strength.   The American and their Eruopean allies remain dominant in the Middle East today, but their fortunes may be fading as they are overextended abroad and facing revolts at home.

With the old Middle East not only unraveled but in many critical locations in flames, there is a new Middle East which will eventually emerge from the chaos and destruction.  The Russians are bidding for power and influence using Syria as their point of entry.   Now the Chinese are expanding their earlier ventures into Africa into the Middle East region.

Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has in fact embarked on a tour of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Islamic Republic of Iran.  As the very insightful article featured at today notes, President Xi is officially pursuing economic deals.   But in actuality China is proposing to the states of the Middle East construction of a new “Silk Road” designed to enhance their seriously-retarded development and liberate themselves from Western colonialism is this the one hundreth year after Sykes-Picot.