HILLARY and Huma FBI Targets

30 01 2016


Should Clinton's aides turn over their emails to the FBI?

In the weeks ahead the FBI Director may resign and/or The Attorney General may be forced out.   Hillary’s email National Security Scandal is not going away.  The FBI wants her indicted.  Justice and the White house want her protected.  Either way it’s already clear that, knowingly or not, she and Human were handling some of the nation’s most “Top Secret” and “Compartmentalized” info on the unsecure Clinton  “home email server”.  Quite like the Russians, Chinese, Israelis, and others may have hacked in, and in fact it has to be presumed they did.

If ever a situation called for an independent Special Prosecutor this is one.   The President has clearly compromised himself more than once trying to let Hillary off the hook.   Last week he send his Press Secretary out appearing to speak for the FBI when in fact he has no license to do so and what he said was wrong and infuriated those in the FBI who know, but cannot say, that both Hillary and her top assistant Huma are in fact being investigated for their role in EMAILGATE or should we call it SECURITYGATE.

While the Kerry/Obama State Department has held back and delayed damning information about what Hillary and Huma  did, whatever their reasons and intentions, DOS was forced on Friday to at least admit it was not going to release some of the court-ordered and expected emails because they contained “Top Secret” info.

Despite the specific legal terminology, Hillary and Huma have been for some time now targets of a major 100+man FBIplus investigation that it just happens is coming to a close with a strong indictment recommendation at this critical time in the election cycle.  Expect fireworks ahead!