US, Saudis, Turks Poison SYRIA

29 02 2016

Interestingly the Israelis are missing here.  Shows how crafty the Israelis are in masking their powers not only with the U.S. but also with the Saudis and Turks these days.


Where have I heard that tune before?

25 02 2016


WAR HOTLINE links Obama & Putin

24 02 2016

REGIONAL WAR that could all too easily now escalate into some kind of PROXY WORLD WAR is looming!   With the Saudis, Turks and GCC countries having assembled a combined force of nearly 1/2 million soldiers, 25000+ tanks, and approaching 1000 planes, the attempted take-over of Syria by brute force is near.   This major war threat could not have been prepared without surreptitious American backing, regardless of Obama’s words or actual intent.   Nor would it have come to be without considerable Israeli support and encouragement; the Israeli-Jewish Lobby plays a major role in choreographic such things behind the scenes in both Washington and the region.

All this explains the urgent setting up last week of a new hotline that not only instantly connects Obama to Putin but at a different level the Pentagon and Moscow war rooms.    With the great battle for control of the Middle East escalating in Syria, the chances of miscalculation, accident, and fearful strikes and counter-strikes all increase greatly.  We could even see the first use of tactical nuclear weapons in the days ahead.    That’s why Kerry and Lavrov, themselves the proxies for Obama and Putin, have been spending so much time together and their two principles spoke a few days ago using the subterfuge of a Syria cease-fire that is smokescreen for the major war preparations underway.

What Israel, US, Europe Have Done to Palestine

23 02 2016


“Mini World War”!

22 02 2016

Buried in a front-page Washington Post story last week was this phrase — Mini World War!  Not in the headline, not in a way that most people would even notice…but read carefully and there it is!

Even so the editors didn’t make the best choice of phrases.   What’s actually happening is an extraordinarily complex and increasingly dangerous PROXY WORLD WAR — one which if not carefully “managed” could by accident or miscalculation, if not by design, explode and engulf us all.

The unimaginable has once again become possible.   The use of tactical battlefield nuclear weapons is being seriously contemplated.   Major war games are being played out in public and far more intensely in private.  World political leaders are threatening in press conference and international gatherings, while military leaders are preparing their strategies and options, while we citizens of the world are like deer frozen in the headlights awaiting our fate.



21 02 2016

If and when the Turks and Saudis go ground invasion to undermine the Russian intervention we would have a major historic regional war that could far too easily get out of control and bring on an even greater proxy world war.   The stage is set awaiting the next major false flag “terrorism” or an actual major strike which they have been constantly seeking to provoke.   If and when this happens it will really be a proxy invasion fomented by the U.S. Neocons and Israelis.  So far Obama has held it back…yet at the same time he has facilitated it by super arming the Saudis and GCC as well as Israel.  As for the Russians, if the Turks and Saudis actually go through with it and call in Egyptians and others, their generals would be demanding use of tactical nukes…this is precisely the kind of situation such weapons were developed for and fits Russian strategic doctrine.



18 02 2016
  • Map of U.S. Military Bases –

At this time 350,000 soldiers, 20,000 tanks, 2,450 warplanes and 460 military helicopters are massing in northern Saudi Arabia.  Saudi war planes have also been sent to Turkey for the first time.    The excuse for all this is a “military exercise” that is being called “Northern Thunder”. The Saudis are claiming that some 20 Arab and Muslim countries have joined them.   The actual goal is to somehow force the U.S. to back a ground invasion of Syria and block Russia from stopping it.

The Turks and Saudis, with Israel behind-the-scenes, are desperate now to do something, even a ground invasion, to prevent the Syrian Government — allied with Russian, Iranian, Iraqi and Lebanese forces — from “winning” the civil war.  The escalating proxy war in Syria is at the same time a greater proxy war for control of the entire Middle East.   The U.S. Neocons have always envisioned taking down Hezbollah and Hamas after taking over Syria.   Then they plan to move on to a surrounded and isolated Iran which would also mean undoing Iranian influence in Iraq.   For the Neocons defeating the Russians is also always a major part of their strategizing.

While Obama may still think he can hold back a regional war that could quickly escalate into some kind of limited world war, he has nevertheless acted as Neocon facilitator by super-arming the Saudis and Israelis as well as the Turks and GCC countries.   None of these countries could do what they are doing without tremendous help from both the Pentagon and CIA.  Whether by design or confusion Obama has set the stage and things may soon be beyond his control.

See MiddleEast.Org for more including the full article with the following quote:

“It bears emphasizing: the only moderates fighting in Syria are the troops of the Syrian Arab Army, made up of Sunni, Shia, Alawite, Druze and Christians. They and their allies comprise the forces of non-sectarianism in the country and the region, engaged in a pitiless conflict against the most reactionary and retrograde current of extremism the world has seen since Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge were rampaging across Cambodia.”