Smelly Hillary?

4 02 2016

Editorial: Something smells in the Democratic Party.  That’s the headline today from Iowa’s major newspaper, The Des Moines Herald, which had actually endorsed Hillary.  OK, they talked about a smelly Dem Party, not directly Hillary.  But then everyone knows the Clintons and their big money backers, including Haim Saban of Israeli fame and Wall Street, own today’s Dem Party.    Bernie Sanders wasn’t even an official member until a few months ago and hasn’t himself voted in Democratic primaries.

If the party, and Hillary, have nothing to hide, they would have simply said by now ok here’s all the info about Monday’s primary including the vote totals and how the coin tosses (that all went to Hillary with a statistical probably of less than 2% it could happen fairly) were done.    That the Party says NO, NO, NO and denies the smell so many others are picking up suggests the fix is in rumors may well be true!