9 02 2016

Hillary’s latest money scam is called the Hillary Victory Fund.   This time it’s not her official campaign calling, rather she’s hired calling firms so she can disown the scam which goes like this.

Hillary and the Dem Party have turned over their phone lists and you get called from the Hillary Victory Fund, which you are told is a joint fund sponsored by the Dem Party, many Dem State Parties, as well as Hillary.   Then if you are listed as maybe a Sanders supporter, or if you appear hesitant, you get told the money will be used for Sanders if he wins the nomination and so even if you have contributed before to Hillary you should now contribute to the Victory Fund!

If you ask a few questions and for the website  they stumble a bit but actually tell you the website for the Fund is  If you do a little research you find out that half of the funds raised go right away to her campaign, the other half to the national or state parties which are clearly in bed with Hillary and doing all they can to push Sanders under.   And if you check out an NPR feature about what’s going on you find out that this is Hillary’s latest way of skirting the campaign finance law limitations and actually allowing individuals to give as much as $700,000 each to the various tentacles of the Hillary Victory Fund scam!

Meanwhile, back on the phone call, keep asking questions and you keep getting illusive and contradictory answers.  Ask for the supervisor and after a pause you a smooth-talking type  who quickly apologizes, tells you the caller was mistaken about this and that, especially with regard to Sanders, and, get this, has already been “retrained” literally as we speak!  Then low and behold the phone calls you had been getting daily are no more.

This is the same Dem Party btw that refuses to allow the vote totals for the Iowa caucuses claiming “that’s not the way they do it”.   But they did give the exact numbers back in 2008!  Aha!