JEWS RULE AMERICA?   Read to the end :)

10 02 2016

American politics is so interesting, confusing, and corrupted from within.   That explains both Sanders and Trump.   Sanders represents the cleansing of big corporate military lobbying money from politics so sought after not just by the Dem left but the center base and especially the young.   Trump represents the speak-it-straight get-it-done simple demogoguery of today’s combined Neo-con Evangelical oh-so-fearful Republican core.

Desperate Hillary, it has already leaked out, will now play the Israel card among others — after all her biggest financier is Haim Saban and there’s lots more Jewish, Israeli-connected, so-called liberal money and media hype to be had.    She can’t play the hard-line tough-guy anti-Iran liberal-neocon cards straight up as that would only alienate the dem core even more.   Plus she’ll have to add a few more dance steps proving to Haim and others that she’s still their best bet while keeping one of her top advisers, Sidney Blumenthal, in the background as his son Max has become one of the most prominent and out-spoken anti-Israeli personalities in recent years.   She’ll also have to keep the guy who orchestrated Bill’s second term,  and use to be one of the Clintons’ top strategists and confidants, off her back, as Dick Morris has become one of the most fierce Clinton attack dogs.

Did I say, in addition to confusing and corrupted, interesting?

Meanwhile Trump is on a role and he has clearly been coached how to adjust his demeanor and act more Presidential while retaining his positional brashness.    He now knows that with a weakened, even crippled, Hillary as his opponent, or better yet the aging socialist liberal Jew Sanders, he could actually become President — something even he probably never really thought possible just a few months ago!   Trump’s nemesis however could be another New York tycoon billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, who rightly sees there may well be two flawed and vulnerable candidates from two polarized parties and a chance for him to put just one or two of his $39 billion fortune to historic use!

Imagine a three-way American Presidential race pitting two Jews against a megalomaniac Christian fanatic whose top daughter, by the way, has become an orthodox Jew herself!