11 02 2016

The Saudis are panicking…and to a large extent they are responsible for what they have brought on themselves, not to mention the entire Arab world region.  And now they are threatening to send their own troops into Syria to prop up their mercenary forces now being defeated by Damascus with the help of Moscow, Tehran and Lebanon.

They have pushed forward an alliance with the Israelis and the international Zionist Neocons who are actually severely manipulating them — with the confused Saudis not even knowing what is going on!

Their wars in Syria and Yemen are not going well and there is growing dissent and tension at home.  In the process they are responsible for so much death and destruction beyond their borders, and so much torture, repression and executions within “the Kingdom”.

They are also responsible for the dastardly military Junta in Egypt, the extremely repressive regime (like themselves) in Bahrain, and they are spending a fortune approach $100 billion to super-arm themselves further fueling an explosive arms race in the region that the American arms manufacturers are loving.

Wanting to economically harm their foes — Iran and Russia and shale oil at the top of that list — they have brought about an unprecedented collapse in oil prices that now threatens themselves as never before.

Most dangerously of all they are desperately trying to get the Americans to much further intervene in Syria and to sell them and the GCC countries even more billions in high-tech arms.  Furthermore, along with the radical Israelis, they are fomenting military and political conditions for an expanded regional war that literally threatens to mushroom into some kind of WWIII and take them down along the way.

The not so clever Saudis actually think they are protected by the U.S. and Israel, but in reality both are using them for their own designs and the regime protection they value beyond all else is far more fragile and fleeting than the confused narcissistic Saudis can imagine.