12 02 2016

Hillary used her years as Sec State, and at the same time Bill used his Foundation, not only to raise mega-millions.  At the same time they both worked hard to take even greater control of the Dem Party to make sure they could rig everything in Hillary’s favor.  Despite that Bernie Sanders is not only going strong but has already earned the nomination — and that’s why so many young as well as women are cheering for him and contributing to him against the rigged Dem party establishment.   True, there are those who understandably worry that in the end Bernie could go down against a Trump or Kasick or Rubio like McGovern against Nixon.   But despite her remarkable political dancing talents and stamina Hillary is a very weakened and quite vulnerable nominee.  And so the notion that we should all avoid our much preferred possible President in favor of the more likely Hillary has lost so much of its appeal.

The recent Salon article by Bill Curry outlines so well the rigging and is today at the top of WashReport.