13 02 2016

The U.S. and Israel are about to invade Syria using the Saudis and Turks along with the GCC countries as well as the many mercenary forces they have been building up.   As they will be facing the Russians, Iranians, and Lebanese, along with the Syrians, they could not and would not be doing this without American support and promises of substantial and growing help — primarily arms and “intelligence” in addition to “special forces”.     And the Americans in turn would not be doing this were it not for the powerful Israeli/Jewish Lobby which has been fomenting this behind-the-scenes for some time now.

The goal is nothing less than to remake the Middle East by weakening and ending if the can Russian and Iranian influence in the region and taking down Hezbollah and Hamas in the process.   The risk is what is happening in the Middle East could get out of control and actually bring about a World War.   The Russians have already warned in public about just that possibility and their military is preparing to use tactical nuclear weapons against the invading forces.

The risks and dangers are escalating daily now.  That why Kerry and Lavrov went before the cameras for a 10-second hand-shake the other day trying to delay and then prevent what is now likely — a clash between a NATO country and US allies with Russia and her allies.   If the regional war can be contained the US and Israel, along with the Arab client regimes would have control of the region and maybe even have changed the regimes in Iran and Lebanon in addition to Syria.  If the regional war escalates it would actually be the World War that takes us all down.