15 02 2016

The German Foreign Minister has now publicly warned of war in Europe!  “The question of war and peace has returned to the continent.  We had thought that peace had returned to Europe for good.”  Think Ukraine, Cold War, NATO expansion, Russian fears, missile/cyber/troops/special forces/space war preparations.

But today’s WAR FEVER really started in the Middle East with U.S. policies post-9/11 that have killed millions, destroyed countries, nurtured hate and revenge, and created the greatest refugee crisis since WWII which is now pounding down the doors and the values of Europe.

And in the Middle East the Saudis (now more firmly allied with Apartheid Israel as well as Junta Egypt) along with the Turks are threatening a Syria ground invasion and a confrontation with Russia/Iran/Lebanon/Syria the U.S. would not be able to avoid or stop.

The mis-awarded Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama may have held back the unleashing but he allowed himself to become the neo-con facilitator by super arming his own military along with the Israels, Saudis, GCC, Turkey, NATO.   Whatever Obama’s intentions he has set the stage for what is to come.  Too weak and confused to take on the military-industrial complex, the cabal of Zionist Neo-cons, and his own “liberal interventionist” fifth column, Obama not only betrayed the hope/change minions that so enthusiastically propelled him into the White House but he also has short-changed himself and history.  Obama not only prepares to leave office with the world more on the edge of catastrophic war but maybe even having to hand over the keys to the party of Trump/Cruz/Rubio.