“Mini World War”!

22 02 2016

Buried in a front-page Washington Post story last week was this phrase — Mini World War!  Not in the headline, not in a way that most people would even notice…but read carefully and there it is!

Even so the editors didn’t make the best choice of phrases.   What’s actually happening is an extraordinarily complex and increasingly dangerous PROXY WORLD WAR — one which if not carefully “managed” could by accident or miscalculation, if not by design, explode and engulf us all.

The unimaginable has once again become possible.   The use of tactical battlefield nuclear weapons is being seriously contemplated.   Major war games are being played out in public and far more intensely in private.  World political leaders are threatening in press conference and international gatherings, while military leaders are preparing their strategies and options, while we citizens of the world are like deer frozen in the headlights awaiting our fate.