WAR HOTLINE links Obama & Putin

24 02 2016

REGIONAL WAR that could all too easily now escalate into some kind of PROXY WORLD WAR is looming!   With the Saudis, Turks and GCC countries having assembled a combined force of nearly 1/2 million soldiers, 25000+ tanks, and approaching 1000 planes, the attempted take-over of Syria by brute force is near.   This major war threat could not have been prepared without surreptitious American backing, regardless of Obama’s words or actual intent.   Nor would it have come to be without considerable Israeli support and encouragement; the Israeli-Jewish Lobby plays a major role in choreographic such things behind the scenes in both Washington and the region.

All this explains the urgent setting up last week of a new hotline that not only instantly connects Obama to Putin but at a different level the Pentagon and Moscow war rooms.    With the great battle for control of the Middle East escalating in Syria, the chances of miscalculation, accident, and fearful strikes and counter-strikes all increase greatly.  We could even see the first use of tactical nuclear weapons in the days ahead.    That’s why Kerry and Lavrov, themselves the proxies for Obama and Putin, have been spending so much time together and their two principles spoke a few days ago using the subterfuge of a Syria cease-fire that is smokescreen for the major war preparations underway.