Sleeping with AIPAC – Jane Harmon + Aaron Miller

31 03 2016

Jane Harmon got to be the President of The Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington by being the long-time darling of AIPAC, the powerful Israeli/Jewish Lobby   Then she appointed long-time Israeli operative Aaron David Miller to be her VP.   The big-money man who was until recently Chairman of the Board at the Wilson Center had previously been on the Board of AIPAC.    In effect The Wilson Center is now another Israeli/Jewish Lobby think-tank…and this one is funded directly by all of us via Congress…itself too joked about as “Israeli occupied territory”.


“Civil Targeted Killing’ of BDS leaders advocated

30 03 2016

(Art: Guy Morad)

Last year the Israelis got super-Zionist billionaires Saban and Adelson to jointly call a meeting of Jewish millionaires to fund any and all anti-BDS groups and persons.  This week they got a major newspaper to sponsor a conference spewing hate and vitriol at those who are leading BDS.  Everyone from the opposition leader to Hollywood celebrities came to wildly and indiscriminately throw hate BDS  bombs.

But it got really worse with a top Israeli Minister taking to the podium to call for “Civil Targeted Killing” of BDS leaders!   By using the term “civil” the Minister could deny he was calling for their assassination.   By using the term “Targeting Killing” he was in fact threatening and advocating that others may do just that!   Such was how years ago the assassin of Prime Minister Rabin was encouraged to do the deed; and so many others have been both physically and personally attacked by what is in effect Jewish and Zionist fascist organizations and persons.

Clearly BDS is working!   Now it needs to be expanded and more widely supported so that  every strike against it brings it more publicity and more followers.

As always more at MiddleEast.Org

CIA & Pentagon Militias Fight Each Other!

29 03 2016

American policy in the Middle East is so muddled that not only are we allied with countries who are the most brutal human rights violators and the most militant — Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel among others — but we have mercenary armies backed by the CIA and Pentagon who are fighting each other in Syria and Iraq!

Sunday is the LATimes, this is the actual headline:  “In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA”!

Israel Killing in Cold Blood is not new

28 03 2016

The cold-blooded killing/execution of a defenseless Palestinian in Hebron a few days ago, so much in the news, is actually nothing new.   Had it not been captured on video in this age of youtube and social media it would have gone unnoticed.  What happened is actually the policy of the Israelis designed to totally frighten and intimidate the Palestinians into submission and it has been sanctioned at the highest levels for a very long time.  For instance, read what I wrote about a similar even worse “incident” and  cover up back in 1984 which a few years later forced the President of Israel had to pardon the head of Shinbet who was personally responsible for the atrocity.

Click titles to read these articles in pdf:

The Silence of American Jews is Shameful.     LATimes 1984

An Open Letter to American Jews.    Middle East International 1984

SYRIA! Hillary Did It!

27 03 2016  

The Obama Administration helped ignite the civil war in Syria as “the best way to help Israel” (to quote Hillary who was then Secretary of State).  With her long-time connections to top Israeli operatives in the U.S.– including Haim Saban and his Washington agent, Martin Indyk, who essentially has taken over the Brookings Institution — Hillary was instrumental in getting Obama to go this route.

Those reading my own writings have known for some time that the US and Israel were really behind the plot to regime change Syria and then take down Hezbollah and then go after what would have been a far more surrounded and isolated Iran…and along the way do even more to vanquish the Palestinians.   I’ve been calling Obama the “Neocon Facilitator” for some time.    Now with actual cables and emails we have more proof in their own words — see top of MiddleEast.Org and WashReport today.

What the U.S. and Israel did not foresee was the staying power of the Baath regime in Damascus, nor the smart moves from the Iranians as well as Hezbollah, nor the Russian intervention, nor all the Saudi blustering and bumbling.

And so, the U.S. and Israel, along with the Saudis, U.K, Turkey and GCC, bear the primary culpability for all the death and destruction that has come to Syria.  Plus as well for the rise of what is called the Islamic State which, also it needs to be emphasized, resulted from the original joint U.S./Saudi/Israeli plan to enlist and arm radical Islamic fighters to topple Assad after which they intended to reconfigure the entire region to their designs.

The Yearly Anti-AIPAC Side Show

26 03 2016


Anti-AIPAC Old Folk Gather Again in DC

A very incestuous bunch once again last week got together in Washington to regurgitate their mantras about AIPAC and Israel.  It was the now annual get together of a crowd that is more reminiscent of an old age home than a serious political movement — lots of gray hairs with a sprinkling (quite few) of students and interns.   For months in fact the groups known as WRMEA and IRmep and CNI had been emailing over and over all their friends and quite literally everyone they know after some 30 years and multi-millions spent on organizing around their single issue.  In the end maybe 250 people showed up for the event which, to be realpolitik about it, probably has more negative than positive political impact.

What they have to say is not the problem.   That is pretty much on target when it comes to AIPAC and what Israel has done to the Palestinians.  It’s the fact that this little group’s extreme weakness in both numbers and follow-up simply says to those they oppose there is nothing to worry about, these guys haven’t got a clue how to have any impact and never will.

Below is what I wrote about last year’s gathering.   But this year was actually worse!  First of all not a single mention of the Saudis.   The organizers continually condemn the Israelis but never even mention the Saudis who are now closely aligned with their nemesis, the Jewish State!   And of course they hide the reason which is that years ago the Saudis established all of these groups (via then Ambassador Prince Bandar) and the Saudis remain their benefactors through various cut-outs, in effect paying them hush money to overlook their dastardly tyrannical ways and everything else that is going on in the Middle East.   And second of all, believe it or not, the one overly current politics speaker they gave the stage pushed them to support Trump!

 Here’s what I wrote last year:  

They’ve spent decades being pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel yet they still have so little impact in Washington.  This despite ever more outrageous and alienating Israeli policies.

Once again they gathered last Friday at the National Press Club last under the banners of a magazine known as Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and an associated one-man anti-AIPAC research organization known as IRMEP (Institute for Research Middle East Policy).

By Washington standards it was a tiny little affair even after all these years of effort — just a few hundred, about half gray-haired retired folk.    Even though they had emailed for weeks everyone they knew and offered journalists and students free admission and lunch very few came.   As is the usual for this group it was a very incestuous, not-much-credibility,  true-believers kind of thing.

Many of the speakers however were quite good actually.     But even so nearly all dealt with history and dry facts, nearly all of which information is easily available to anyone who googles their names.   Hardly anyone had anything to advocate about what  could and should be done, and there was no action plan at all.    But then that’s what retired folk and aging academics do —  they reminisce,  attend reunions, and go to church.

CHE Lives!

24 03 2016


The U.S. hunted down Che Guevara and then allowed the Bolivians to execute and defile him in 1967.   In different yet similar ways the U.S. did the same with Saddam and Qaddafi in recent years, letting the Shias and the US-armed rebels take the final steps to kill and desecrate them.    Same fate for Yasser Arafat but different method back in 2004…stealth poisoning in a combined Israeli-U.S. operation.  So many lesser-knowns have met the same fate.   And a few major historical figures have avoided the many CIA plots against them, Fidel Castro at the top of that list.

And so to see the American President in Havana with the big wall caricature of Che in the background has so much historic context!   And surely Obama had to know with whom and why the Cubans were posing him as well as why he was going along with it.