1 03 2016

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With vast segments of the populace pissed off at the Washington hustler politicians, what use to be impossible is happening – Meglomaniac Donald Trump is running the Republican table and an aging Jewish Socialist Independent is making a valiant try at taking down the Dem establishment as well.

With Hillary damaged goods, with her top aides soon to “testify under oath” about past transgressions, and with the Republican dirty tricks agents just waiting to let go, America is following the scenario the Germans followed in the 1930s.   But as always while there are similarities there are even more differences.

In the end we just might end up with TRUMP as POTUS, CHRISTY as Attorney General, and PALIN as Secretary of State.    And just imagine what the Supreme Court is going to look like just a few years in the future!



1 03 2016


I’ve been to Egypt some 50 times and just a few years ago use to encourage friends and students to visit and take in the history and culture.  When I was a very young journalist I even played a role in history as a result of my private meeting with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

But with the takeover of Egypt by the Military Junta a few years ago now I called for a boycott of Egypt and vowed never to visit again while the Junta remained in power.  Every month the brutal Egyptian regime — itself firmly aligned with both the Saudis and U.S. as well as the Israelis — is “disappearing” (grabbing, torturing, and killing) nearly 100 Egyptians who oppose the regime.   Repression and fear are everywhere.  From supporters of the former elected government of the Muslim Brotherhood to liberals, activists, writers, and even foreign journalists, this is a Junta a la Argentina, Chile, Greece, and others in the past whose military dictators were eventually toppled and made to account for their crimes.

But right now the Junta is in power.  And right now, though our government arms and helps it for geopolitical reasons , we citizens of the world should be denouncing and boycotting it.