World War Middle East!

5 03 2016

With nukes and now cyber that can destroy the whole world within minutes “World Wars” are no longer fought as in the past.   Rather the “great big powers” use proxy wars while racing to develop super deterrent weapons to prevent total escalation and annihilation.

Thus what has become a World War Middle East is well underway and could soon totally explode and destroy much of the region rather than the whole world!    Just in recent weeks the Israelis have carried out major war games in coordination with the U.S. and Europe.  Also secretly in recent weeks top Israelis have been in Riyadh coordinating with the Saudis and even more clandestinely the Turks.   The Saudis have put together a coalition of countries and as never before have mobilized hundreds of thousands of troops, tens of thousands of tanks, war planes, and ground artillery in what could soon become a total invasion of Syria from the West and North and maybe through Lebanon as well in the East.

In preparation the Saudis have even quite publicly leaked that they have nuclear weapons and may even test them soon!  Plus the Saudis have orchestrated getting the Arab League on their side declaring Hezbollah in Lebanon, fighting alongside Damascus and the Russians in Syria, a terrorist organization.  In response the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon has announced that they too have a “nuclear option”…which he explained to mean tens of thousands of missiles that could so devastate Israel it would be the equivalent of a nuclear strike.  In response, the Israelis, even more super financed by the Americans in recent years, are racing to build the most comprehensive missile defense system of any country in the world, bar non.   In response the Russians have leaked they will not abandon Syria and could be forced to use tactical nuclear weapons to stop the Saudis/GCC/Turks.  In response, trying to position themselves in the court of world public opinion as well as and on the ground, the US and Russia have concocted a very confusing and limited “cease fire” whose days are numbered.

In public at least both the Americans and the Israelis are attempting to keep their  war preparing fingerprints off the final triggers, but in reality they are the smoke-screened forces behind the out front forces.   The Americans have super-armed the Saudis/GCC/Israel/Turks, Obama becoming the neo-con facilitator while at the same time trying to hold back becoming the perceived war instigator.  The Israelis have long planned to fracture and divide the entire Arab world to maintain their domination of the region knowing they can continually manipulate the US and Europe  to back them, despite the occasional public disputes.

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