6 03 2016

Since the start of this year the American war games with Israel have been among the largest ever.   Vast amounts of arms plus a further enhanced US-financed anti-missile rush are underway.  Tens of billions in US arms are being rushed to Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries, as well as to Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and beyond.

Also in this new year the largest ever war games with South Korea are being conducted included mock invasion planning of the North which in reaction has gone on a kind of nuclear alert.    Add to this that a mini-armada of U.S. warships, this time with an aircraft carrier in the lead, is challenging Chinese control of islands and areas in the South China Sea.

The current proxy wars in Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen could at anytime now explode to include the territories of Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, GCC, Iran and beyond.   Obama wanted credit for having prevented greater wars during his terms in office, but in reality through American arms sales and escalating war preparations Obama has become the Neo-Con Facilitor and Chief.



Diagram of geopolitical relationships in the Middle East

6 03 2016