US & China Race Ahead with War Preparations

8 03 2016

Both the U.S. and China are racing ahead with new and ever-more sophisticated weapons including a new generation of nukes on top of space, cyber, laser, missiles, and ever more complex and novel ‘conventional’ arms.     Both sides are maneuvering and threatening as well.   A mini armada of U.S. warships, a carrier in the lead this time, is in the South China Sea challenging growing Chinese hegemony.   The largest ever US/Korea war games are underway with stated target North Korea but then China is nearby (a la NATO war games in Eastern Europe with Russia the real target).   The Americans are setting up new and reinforcing existing military bases throughout the Pacific region from Japan to the Philippines, from Vietnam to Australia.   Believing they are responding the Chinese are racing ahead with new weapons designed to take down U.S. forces including carriers and space communications, all without using strategic nuke forces, should a major shooting war erupt.

And to these goings on in Asia the Americans are bolstering their forces throughout the Middle East while super-arming their allies and client-states including Israel, Saudi Arabia/GCC, and Turkey with targets Syria, Lebanon and Iran on top of Iraq and Afghanistan.   Major war games have just taken place with Israel.   The largest regional military show of force is underway in northern Saudi Arabia and southern Turkey with well over half a million ground troops, some 20,000 tanks, and a vast arsenal of planes and artillery.

It’s the overall scenario the Neocons and Israelis have been pursuing for many years, and now they have the Saudis and GCC on board as well as Egypt and Jordan should world war Middle East erupt beyond the current proxy wars.   Meanwhile Nobel peace prize winner Obama has greatly escalated use of U.S. drone killer attacks throughout the region from Libya to Pakistan, and there are reports that the strategic B-52 force is now being readied for attacks in Syria to counter the growing power of Russia/Lebanon/Syria and Iran.

Obama will go down in history when it comes global affairs as the President who whether by design or chicanery became the Neocon Facilitator-in-Chief betraying his base and quite possibly himself.