Damn the Gulf Arab Kings/Dictators

12 03 2016


The Arab Kings and Dictators of the Gulf, the Saudis in the lead, truly deserve super condemnation.   They are not just the world’s most glutinous and shameful narcissists with truly decadent and outrageous lifestyles.  They have lead “the Arab world” to total disaster and now in an orgy of desperation trying to save themselves no matter what they have allied with the worst of the U.S. neocons and Israeli Zionists.

While they continue to lavish on themselves and their whores, all around them the peoples of the Middle East are suffering as never before in history — misery, death and destruction from Libya to Egypt to Palestine to Syria to Yemen to Iraq and Afghanistan.  They are responsible for such a now horribly fractured and despondent “Arab world” that the millions of refugees their policies have created are giving up everything and risking their lives to flee from Arabdom to Christian Europe.

How Christian Europe is handling this state of affairs, not to mention their own condemnable alliances with the despicable Arab Kings and Dictators of the Gulf, that’s another infuriating tale for another day!