Prof Alon Ben-Meir at NYU – Agent of Israel

16 03 2016

    Unbreakable US-Israel Relations

The Israelis have ‘agents of influence’ throughout the U.S. and not only in Washington.   Professor Alon Ben-Meir for instance has been assigned to NYU*.  Others like Dan Kurtzer are at Princeton* and Aaron Miller is at the Woodrow Wilson Center*, both after well-paid and Israel-Lobby applauded public careers at the State Department.     What all of these have in common is that in addition to their “public” careers they are long-time Israeli/Jewish operatives.  This is more than Jewish “dual loyalty”; it is actually parallel careers, one public, one disguised; and in all cases their real first allegiance, if judged by their words and deeds, is to Israel and their Jewish tribalism.

Prof Ben-Meir publishes widely, travels throughout the country, and has special access in Washington including at the White House.  He presents himself as an academic constantly giving talks and writing books.  In reality he is a masked Israeli political operative, like Michael Oren before him.   Michael Oren you ask?  He too was an academic, speaker, and book author, just like Ben-Meir today.  Then he became one of the few who had to take off his mask when he became Israeli Ambassador in Washington.   However most don’t ever unmask but rather just keep doing their long-time life-long jobs as Israeli  ‘agents of influence’.

  • I mention these three institutions because I have close personal connections to all of them.   I got my JD at NYU, my Masters at Princeton, and wrote  a book with the Deputy Director at the Wilson Center.